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Jan Paul Schutten, two-times winner of the Dutch Golden Stylus

'Absolutely recommended'

Diego Dazzler is a special boy who can sense things that nobody else can, whether or not he wants to.

Diego’s country is being threatened by natural disasters. The weather keeps getting warmer and warmer. The great glaciers are melting, flooding the land, and driving people out of their homes. The cause is an over-usage of Terrafos, the slimy, green-yellowish muck that’s pumped out of the ground as means for energy.


One day, Diego acquires a particular pair of glasses that allows him to see other people’s thoughts. When he witnesses someone planning the destruction of his village, he decides to take action. He must use his talent to reveal the danger that’s coming – for the sake of everyone. Together with the old inventor, Amita, and his friends Balthazar and Kala, Diego embarks on an adventure that will change his life forever. 

Diego Dazzler is a bestseller in the Netherlands, with over 23,000 copies in print already sold.

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