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Suuppeerr exciting. Very beautiful life lessons too. We have been glued to the books. '

Evert Lichtenbelt and children (7, 9 and 11)


Should part 4 ever appear .... my daughter is waiting for it!

Annet Klein Holkenborg, Zeist


I lost my daughter (9) for days through this book. She secretly read in her room. And now she wants to be my successor.

Marjan Minnesma, founder and director of Urgenda


Our son (group 6) is a big fan of your books! He has held a book review about it.

Inge Crezee

Part III was again devoured in a few days, my daughter really likes your books, super!

Martin Haas, Wapenveld


Comment from my 12-year-old daughter: I held my book review about Diego Heatstroke and the return of the eagle and I got a ten. Everyone in my class thought it was a very exciting book, but I did most of all. They also wanted me to keep reading because I stopped on a very exciting piece. I really thought it was a super exciting book. It has now become my favorite book.

Roland Klarenbeek

This book was devoured by my oldest of 11 and I enjoy reading it to daughter of 9!

Anne van Elsen

My 11-year-old son read it again in one go and found it super exciting. A big compliment! That rarely happens to him.

Cora Zaaijer-van Muiswinkel (2), Middelburg


Comment from my daughter (9): I really liked the 2nd part of Diego Zonnesteek again! I liked that it was a little thicker because then dad and I could read more about Diego and his friends. It was very fun, exciting and adventurous again !! I have learned a lot from it. such as: that you should not use too much terravos / oil but that there is also sun and wind energy. And that that is much better for the environment. And I hope that another part will come.

Joost Ravoo, Haarlem


'Our 9-year-old son will be talking about his magic spectacles next week. Julian van 11 looks in the morning whether the "Eagle" has already landed in the mailbox ... great books.

Ron van Ommeren

My son found it (even) more exciting than part I ...

Anneclaar Weijers, Kockengen


My daughter (11) even did her book review about this book, she liked it so much!

Josette Voskuilen, Montfoort


We enjoyed Diego2. I read the book and we could not put both books down: so exciting. And every time wondering what would happen again. With everything and everyone. Exciting, constructive, good narrative concerns the environment and super cool solutions as an alternative to greener electricity. All in all a big recommendation for both children and parents.

Angelique de Winter Oomen and daughter


According to my daughter, it was completely great!

Maikel van den Corput


Comment from my son (9): 'Part 2 is SUPERCOOL, certainly just as fun as part 1. So cool, that my book review must be about it! And once part 3 is there, I want it!

Janneke Krooneman


Comment from my son (11): ' thought it was a very nice book. It is very useful if you have read the 1st part. There is a lot of fantasy in it and I could also empathize with Diego Zonnesteek in this story. Sometimes I really thought "do not do that!". I thought it was great to be a test reader and I would definitely recommend the book to my classmates. I hope that part three will come!

Dick Boeve, Driebergen


Great books for old (48) and young (my kids 10 and 12).

Manon Stok


My eldest son (12) read it: He thought he was even better than part I, and he already thought that was great!

Simon Morsink (2), Bussum


I read both parts in one breath during our holiday in Greece. What appealed to me was the descriptive writing style that caused you to smell the dirty air and hear the water thumping through the village. In addition, the parallels with the now and lines that are to be continued in the near future. This style makes all three books timeless. I therefore eagerly look forward to the following partsbecause it tastes like more.

Rob (55 years old), Naarden 

The first book review about Diego has already been given here in Heemstede! My daughter used part 1 as a basis last week and of course referred to part II. Many enthusiastic reactions in the classroom and everyone wants to read it. Part II is, if possible, even more fun than part I. Full of expectations of part III!

Caroline Blommers


Comment from my son (12): "Even better than part I." He has read it in two days and a night.

John Nouwens (2)



Roger Cox, lawyer of Urgenda in the won trial against the Dutch government, the so-called 'climate case.'


The gorge of Azu, the last part of the thrilling Diego Zonnestek series. Plenty of new adventures. Will it succeed the young heroes to control Krudon Kragt and his terrace fanatic?

Besides Diego and his friends there are also other heroes in the story, namely useful bacteria. These bacteria help to make the world of Rebequin liveable and to keep it:

Alcanivorax from the Bobasken salt which feeds oil and cleans up pollutants; Nitrosomonas that sweats the ammonium in sweat and keeps our skin clean and the miraculous Methylomirabilis Oxyfera bacteria that makes its own oxygen to break down the greenhouse gas methane.

Maurits van Huijstee shows how we can and should keep our world liveable and depend on micro-organisms that clean water, capture nitrogen, produce oxygen, prepare delicious fermentation products and break down greenhouse gases.

The whole family has read it with great pleasure. Very nice end of the whole story. Recommended.

 Mike Jetten, professor of Microbiology and Spinoza winner 2012



Jan Paul Schutten, two-time winner of the Gouden Griffel


Without exaggeration: my sons have fought for it and then devoured him. And that rarely happens to them!

Merle Pikkemaat, Vreeland


"A chapter every night; to read aloud. Also with the return of the Eagle we are taken back into a special world. We live with the adolescent Diego who is hard to know with his special qualities. Excitement, sensation, and humor with a nice responsible message. All of this time! "

Jikke & Matthijs (30-years but sure fan!)


‘Maurits wrote a serie of beautiful fantasy books about microorganisms for children with the aim to emphasize on the importance of microorganisms for life on earth. The board of the Royal Netherlands Society for Microbiology is very enthusiastic about his books, as we more and more focus on outreach to the general public.’


Dutch royal society for microbiology the KNVM


‘The abyss of Azu, the final part of the Diego Dazzler serie, filled with new adventures... will the young heroes be able to control Krudon Kragt and his endless cravings for more Terrafos?

Besides Diego and his friends, other heroes are present in the story: useful bacteria. These microbes help to make and keep Diego’s World livable: Alcanivorax that eats oil and cleans up waste; Nitrosomonas that eats the ammonium in sweat and keeps our skin clean, the miraculous Methylomirabilis Oxyfera that produces oxygen while breaking down the greenhouse gas methane.

Maurits van Huijstee shows u show we can and must keep our World livable, and how dependent we are on microbes cleaning water, capturing nitrogen, producing oxygen and tasty products of fermentation and breaking down greenhouse gasses.

The whole family has read the four books with great, great pleasure. Diego Dazzler & The abyss of Azu is a great ending to a great story. Absolutely recommended.’


Professor in microbiology Mike Jetten, winner of the Spinoza price 2012


My daughter of 9 thinks the books are great. I also like them as a parent, both the spelling and the environmental and business policy aspects that are introduced in a playful way.

Edwin Roestenburg, Oegstgeest


Both my son and daughter loved the book Diego Zonnesteek. Read with pleasure!

Claire Reeves, Haarlem


My daughter (11) thought it was a nice book, because (as she said) Diego is a special, interesting and funny child. My other daughter (from 9) also, and said that it is also different from other books, as I understood by the variation in emotions in the book!

Marc Smals, Utrecht


My daughter has read part 1 and liked it so much that she did a book review last week. Part 2 has yet to be started. We had already read in the newspaper about part 3 (bacteria I believe) so are very curious!

Sarah Splinter, Utrecht


dear Maurits, I think your books are soooooo nice. part 1 I have already uit.some pieces I found quite difficult to understand but eventually I understood it.I read now part 2 I find it very exciting

Merijn, Apeldoorn


We are already looking forward to part 3. We, because I read the books about dyslexia of my son. That is not a punishment because I just love it!

Johanna Blankensteijn, Oegstgeest


I can not wait for the third part.

Beau (9), Bilthoven


Your book is exciting, it is very difficult to put it away and not just read another chapter. 

Clara Wagtendonk, Kinshasa 



Last Monday, my son discussed part IIin the class. He made a beautiful presentation and told about it in smells and colors. Result, a class full of curious children and an A :).

Joy Lodarmasse (2), Beuningen


My son has devoured the books. My daughter is now busy in part three. In November she will hold a book review about Diego part 2. Never seen this before with my children!

Esther Zeeuw, Zeist


It was quiet here this afternoon. 2 children reading in part 3 and 4. Big success!

Angelique churchyard, Baarn


My daughter (10) has proudly defended the whole serie in front of her class. Great!

Freek van Eijk, Bussum


Our son is a big fan of Diego. Well, it is a coincidence that he has to hold a book review at school (group 5) on 27 November. So if you happen to be in the neighborhood ;-).

Inge Ponte, Ulvenhout


Our son read the book with pleasure and last year (he was in group 7) his book review was held. We look forward to part 3.

Jeroen Teeling, Naarden 

My daughter is very enthusiastic, she is looking forward to the last part. Nice for her birthday!

Yvonne van der Velden, Leersum


We recently bought the book at the Jan Hekman school in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel after the writer visited his group. My son immediately started reading that afternoon with enthusiasm, which had not happened before because he had serious dyslexia and reading is therefore a big task (frustration). Very nice to see that Maurits has been able to enthuse him for reading!

Karien Verhulst, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel


Book is already finished - after two days...

Desirée Jansen, Amsterdam


My son (10) is crazy about this book!

Michel Leenders, Breda


My daughter has read part I full of enthusiasm and has now started on part II. Can I pre-order part III? 

Hidde van Kersen, Huizen


My daughter (10) is constantly reading Diego. She's now in part four!

Marieke van Otterloo, Amsterdam


Both my sons also love Diego, just like me!

Joost Paques, Balk


My daughter (11) is very enthusiastic about these books. 

Fleur Nollen, The Hague


Thanks for the nice work my daughter enjoys a lot.

Alexander Muntjewerf, Lochem


According to my daughter: "Really great fun!". 

Henk Goede, Volendam


My son says these books are "super cool At the end of May he had his book review at school about part III.

Frederique Hippler, Blaricum


My son is very enthusiastic, also about part 2 (which is now at school :-)).

Marieke Bloemers, Breda


very nice!

Mijntje van Berckelaer


Our daughter had already finished the first book after a week. 

Ernst Knaapen, Castricum



Marc van Kleef, Nijmegen


On Friday 17 April you will be guest at CBS De Burcht in Heerenveen.

I would like to have a signed book for our son (11) of both part 2 and 3.

Part 1 he found fantastic !!!

Ella Claus - van de Kolk, Heerenveen


I have read Diego Zonnesteek with pleasure and given away and / or recommended here and there.

Wim Diepenveen (47), Nijverdal


A great success with my daughter!

Yvette Hendrix, Nijmegen


We are looking forward to part 4! My daughter thinks part 3 is just as fun.

Ken Korsmit, Doorwerth


I just ordered part 2 and 3 of the Diego books for our daughter. She has devoured part 1 and it fits her sense of nature experience and realization that we need to be clean on everything that we still have in the world. Completely up her alley !!!

Yvonne Nilessen, Wormer


M son is not a reader but this serie he loves.

Alice Knol - Rispens, Heerenveen


Let's all get on Diego's side!

Bill McKibben, Environmental Journalist of the Year according to Time Magazine, founder of


My sons thought Diego Zonnestreek & De Magische Bril was a beautiful book! My wife is now reading it by chance, and I have to tell her that it must absolutely be filmed.

Olivier Overweg


What my daughter of 10 writes:

Hi Maurits, I have kept my reading circle about your book. I got a z/g (very good). That is the highest you can get. I found your book fantastic, and especially those ideas from the house of Amita. The best idea was that when you went to the bath, when you were done, all the hot water went to the heating. If you think up more of that kind of ideas, the world will look a lot more sustainable in a few years!

In short: a great, exciting, fun, humorous, ingenious book!

Caroline van Lankveld, Zeist 

My son (11) is enjoying these books enormously!

Stephanie Schrama, Castricum


With this I would like to put a copy of part 3 in before ordering. My daughter (11) just finished part 2 and wants to quickly read part 3.

Bob Vinke, Bussum


Book is very nice here! Can not say otherwise. And with a nice message too.

Iman Stratenus, Portugal


Very good book!

John Oomkes, Haarlems Dagblad


Fantasy plays an important role in Diego Zonnestek ... but it is fantasy that touches reality. Maurits has made the wonderful forces of bacteria accessible to young and old in an inspiring, exciting and funny way. And that is a good thing, because bacteria can be of decisive importance in creating a sustainable society. Beautiful story with a nice plot!

Klaas Hellingwerf, Professor in 'General Microbiology' at the UvA, professor by special appointment in 'Physics of photoreceptor proteins', VU Amsterdam


I have read it together with my 9-year-old son and he has now experienced for the first time what a "pageturner" is. 

Anneclaar Weijers, Kockengen


My son - 9 years old - read all three in one go. Very special, because he is - to our regret - not a reader.

Arnoud Oltmans, Bentveld


My son (11) and me and my husband loved it, both part 1 and 2 and part 3. 

Brigitte Mohede, Naarden



Anita Zijlstra, journalist De Telegraaf


My daughter thought it was a super fun, exciting and a bit funny book!

Karin Kammeraat


Self-written Comment from my son (9): A beautiful book and also exciting. It was pathetic somewhere in the end. "The sour twist" sounded like a nice place to go to. Can't you make a movie of Diego Zonnesteek & the magic glasses?

Casper Beekman


When our daughter was sleeping we took the book and secretly read it in a jerk. Next day confessed and now she reads the book herself. She is almost at the end and we can not wait for the next part ...

Arwen Isis Perlot, Amersfoort


My daughter (11) read them all in one go!

Dietrich Loos, Bussum


Read in 1 jerk. Nice exciting hopeful story, look forward to the next part full of anticipation.

Pim de Bokx, Boskoop


My daughter and I just finished Diego. She thought it was a great book. Very exciting, not only for her but also for me and my girlfriend.

Cees ten Thije, Amsterdam


My daughter has read them all five times ...

Peter Loomans, Roermond


Am reading the book with my daughter: fun, exciting and instructive (My daughter thinks it is: 'heeeeeeeeeeeleel leuk')

Joost Ravoo, Haarlem


A wonderful book. I read it in one evening! My 7-year-old son is now working on it. It appeals to the imagination, with a message. Can not be more beautiful!

Feike van der Zandt-Bergsma, Eemnes



I would not be surprised if this became the new Harry Potter!

Bert Homan, Alderman Utrechtse Heuvelrug

Our son read the book with pleasure and last year (he was in group 7) his book review was held. We look forward to part 3.

Jeroen Teeling, Naarden


We liked it so much here. Entirely right!

Ariadne Biessels, Leersum


My nephew has enjoyed your book! When he finished it I got it on loan and I immediately read it. Very nice, I also enjoyed! I'm curious about the next part!

Emiel Schoonhoven, Amsterdam


My daughter of 11 made a list at school with things to take to a desert island. And guess what books she takes with her? Indeed…

I thought it was great too!

Idgar from Kippersluis


Enjoyed it very much. Delightful (compelling) fantasy with also a serious message. My son has read it in 2 days, was completely in it. We are waiting for the next part!

Alexis Fischer, Leeuwarden


Diego Zonnesteek is a great children's book, fascinating and catchy written with a sustainable message that also captures young children and encourages fun conversations. Recommended!

Teimen de Jong, Somewhere in Australia


I wanted to let you know how happy my daughter was with the book, she immediately took it to school to use it as a reading book in between! And what is very nice, the big font! Especially for children like my daughter, who are dyslexic, that is very nice reading! So my compliments.

Caroline Smit


Good story!

Coen Middelweerd, Haarlem


We (my son of 10 and I) read it with pleasure! In fact, he told me the end .. (He could not wait until the next reading evening and he quickly read the secret himself). May it be clear that he too is very curious about the sequel!

Bob Roessink, Tilburg


My daughter thought part I was super cute and exciting - at the age of six! Now she enjoys even more part II and III!

Petra de Hamer, Rotterdam


My daughter (8) really devoured your book! Out in 2 days.

Harmen Scholten, Naarden Vesting


Maurits is an excellent writer or books that combines fantasy, reality and ambition for a more sustainable world. His series of books on Diego Zonnesteek are both entertaining and showing the undiscovered and infant technologies in bioenergy and other sustainable technologies. His books are targeted at children; however adults, including myself, read it with a lot of fun. I can not wait for his next book in the series!

Erik Groen, Diemen


We are soooo enthusiastic about it. Great fun written books with a lot of imagination.

Sylvia van den Barselaar, Zwolle


The books are a great success! My daughter of 10 reads them in no time. She wants to know when part IV comes out.

Michiel von Meyenfeldt, Vleuten


I have read the book during my holiday in Italy in 3 days. Totally awesome.

I read my last book at school because it had to. Then never again! (Now more than 30 years ago).

I am not a reader at all, but this story really appealed to me. My wife is reading the book now.

Ed Alting Siberg, Eemnes


My daughter (9) is reading it for the third time...

Esther Kruyswijk, Bussum


Comment from my 11-year-old daughter: 'I found the book very exciting, too bad I had to sleep in between otherwise I would have read the book in a jerk!'

Mickey Bosman, Bussum


Magnificent. Can't wait for the last part.

Chris Bogaers, Laren NH


Very nice. Also for adults!

Esther Schmidt, Amsterdam


Exciting and educational. For children, but certainly not childish. The writer succeeds in avoiding "The Mine Field of Boring, Cursing and Mock." He succeeds in tempting children into a speedy race - because they all want to know as quickly as possible how it goes and ends. Compliments!

Maurits Groen, Founder Waka Waka, number 1 in the sustainable top 100 of Trouw


My two sons read it ... they were completely taken by the story! The oldest (10) has read a lot, so he knows a lot of books, but he really liked this!

Simon Morsink


My 7-year-old son read it in one go and found it super exciting. A big compliment! That rarely happens to him.

Cora Zaaijer-van Muiswinkel, Middelburg


Every night I had to stop my daughter from reading. WhatI found out, as soon as I left ... lights on, read on! 

Wendela van Asbeck, somewhere in England


Comment from my daughter (12): 'I thought it was beautifully written and very nice. Especially Diego, and his whole development and that he discovers that he is actually very special, and what he is going through is really great to read. I also thought it was very funny. I am very curious about part II. '

Jef Hertoghs


My daughter (11) said this morning about the book: "It's like pieces of a puzzle, that's great to read."

Frank Serraarens, Rotterdam


I have read Diego Dazzler & The Magic Glasses; It gave me the wonderful feeling of being a child again and forgot the 'mature' worries. Look forward to the sequel. And then the movie ?!

Eldon van Rooijen, Heemstede


Really really nice. I normally read the gray hunter and I do not like Harry Potter and things like that and all that, but this was very funny and full of imagination and exciting and read nicely.

Daan (10)


Comment from my daughter (9): 'I thought it was super fun, funny, full of imagination, and sometimes very exciting. I read every night, and I really wanted to read. "

Aster Veldkamp


Comment from my son (12): "Super good. Really very good. "And my daughter (9) did a book review about it. 

Carl van Suchtelen, Rotterdam



Comment from my son: "I read it in 2 days. Better than Harry Potter. "

Joris Sibbing 


The book is fanciful and beautifully written and has exciting and instructive storylines. A children's book that I read with my daughter as an adult!

Gijs Meijer Swantee, Weesp


By reading this book I experienced that old-fashioned wonderful feeling of daydreaming. I have not read a book in ages, no time was my excuse, but that will change now! I liked it, exciting, surprising and addictive, I wanted to read it out.

Gerda Haverlag, Huizen


My 9 year old son loves these book.

Gineke van Don, Nijmegen


There is even fighting for the books! In the fantasy games of the children, the entire world of Diego has already been given a place.

Isabel Lammerts van Bueren, Somewhere in France


My youngest son (11) loved it! Entirely right. Read in one go.

Kasper van der Maesen the Sombref, Heerlen


My daughter loved it.

Pieter Porte, Diepenveen


Hi Maurits the book was very nice and funny and very! very exciting. They're such weird characters Diego and Kala and Amita and Russula and Balthazar the best thing was that Amita had all this cool stuff and the funniest thing was that Balthazar spoke so neatly and it was so exciting when his father was gone and what happened to him she father? 

Son of Tarik Yousif, Amsterdam


Me, my wife and my daughter thought it was a very nice book!

John Kopp, Leusden


Read in one breath.

Rita de Ligt - van der Zee, IVN, Zeeland


They are SUPER good books, we are waiting for more here at home Both son and daughter have read it in one go.

Pascal van den Bosch, Breda


Read with great pleasure my son Diego Zonnesteek. Magnificent! What a fantasy and beautiful language! We are looking forward to part 3.

Martin van den Berg, Zwolle


What a wonderful story.

Maurice Jennen, Hilversum


My youngest son loved Diego and is now looking forward to Part II!

Marsha Wagner, Zandvoort


Very nice. Read in one day. I'm curious about part III!

Nick van Rooij, Den Bosch


My son has had his book review about part I this year (successful!) And always asks when part II is released!

Riksta Zwart, Assen

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